Best Practices

Tips and advice to ensure the best possible outcome on Graphite.

Best Practices for Clients

Posting your Project

  • Include as much detail as possible when describing your project, deliverables, and desired work experience. This will help to attract the most relevant and qualified Expert for your needs.
  • If there is additional information/requirements you would like to include that doesn’t fall under one of the posting categories, please feel free to add these details in the “About the Role” section (Ex. If the project requires occasional travel to Client sites, explain how much travel will be involved or if the type of experience required falls under “other”, describe what this means). The more description you can provide, the better.
  • The project posting is meant to be indicative and is not binding. That said, the more accurate the posting is, the faster you will be able to agree on final terms with an Expert to begin work.
  • Remember that your personal information is kept confidential when you post a project. We do not recommend disclosing the name of the company in the project posting.
  • Keep in mind that the price you indicate will determine the types and number of Experts who apply to your project. If you need help pricing your role, please reach out to your account manager.
  • Only post a project if you have a high probability of needing a resource. Routinely posting projects that get delayed or cancelled will negatively impact your ability to attract Experts and may result in suspension of your account.

Picking your Expert

  • Look for Experts that have the most relevant work experience to your specific needs and have indicated a strong interest in your project in their tailored application note.
  • Begin reaching out to candidates quickly. Our Experts are in high demand and are often speaking to multiple Clients at a time. You want to make sure you can secure their availability before they get picked up for another engagement.
  • Speak to multiple Experts. Ask in-depth questions about their relevant experience pertaining to your project. Schedule phone calls and interviews as needed.
  • Request and conduct reference checks, particularly for larger, higher stakes projects. Ask for work samples if relevant. Read Client reviews from past projects.

Completing Work

  • Before beginning work with your Expert, always execute a consulting agreement and, if applicable, a confidentiality agreement. The consulting agreement should include as much detail as possible about the engagement, including: specific deliverables, how the work product should look/function, timelines and milestones, payment rates and terms, etc. A detailed consulting agreement goes a long way towards ensuring that expectations are met on both sides of the project.
  • Communicate early and often to make sure things start off on the right foot.
  • Agree on the frequency and method of communication you prefer (daily, weekly, etc.).
  • Request work-in-progress as frequently as needed to make adjustments early on in the process, particularly for hourly projects.
  • Provide feedback in a timely manner! Your Expert will appreciate it.
  • Last but not least, get to know your Expert! Graphite is about more than just competing projects – it’s about building relationships.

Best Practices for Experts

Applying to Projects

  • Please be sure to read the entire job posting. This includes:
    • Location Requirements: Make sure you can fulfill the onsite requirement if needed
    • Travel Requirements: Please note you must hover over the information icon (next to location listed) to see if Client is willing to reimburse travel expenses
    • Duration/Hours per week: Please only apply if you have the availability required
    • Start Date: Please make sure you are available to start on the start date listed. However, please keep in mind that these dates often fluctuate depending on how long the hiring process takes for the client. If a project is still open and the start date has passed, note that the Client is still in the process of reviewing candidates.

Messaging Clients

  • Clients will reach out to you directly through the messaging tool,which can be found on your dashboard
  • Please be sure to check your messages and e-mail often, as prompt responses are crucial to landing projects
  • Please be sure to check your spam & promotions folder for message notifications. When you are new to the network, these messages may get stuck there.

Sense of Urgency

  • Applying to Project: If you come across a project that piques your interest, apply immediately. Many projects receive a large number of applicants and you want to be top of mind to the client.
  • Responding to Client reach outs: It is extremely important to respond to Client messages immediately. A majority of Graphite projects are urgent needs for our Clients and tend to close quickly - a missed message can result in a missed opportunity! Failure to respond to Client messages may result in removal from the marketplace.

Monthly Application Status

  • Keep in mind that when you first join the network you are granted 10 applications per month. Applications are renewed on the 1st of each month.
  • Applications are credited back when Clients reach out to you or hire you for roles.
  • Applications do not roll over month-to-month – your monthly application total refreshes on the first of every month
  • As you complete projects on Graphite and receive positive reviews, you are granted additional applications. Negative feedback on projects may result in removal from the marketplace.

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