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A Pro's Guide To Python For Business Leaders & Big Data

Analyze larger data sets and deliver faster insights than possible with Excel.

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Why you should take this course

Excel has long been the most important tool for analyzing data, but it just can't keep up with the increasing size of data sets. If you want to keep your analytics skills relevant and your business from slowing down, you simply must learn some Python.
Thankfully, you can learn just the right amount in a matter of hours! In this course, you'll pick up with Python where Excel leaves off.
What You'll Learn
  • Where Excel stops and Python begins
  • How to accelerate your analysis with Python
  • Working with lots of data without slowing down
  • A quick-start approach to modeling with Python
  • How to communicate effectively with data pros
  • Much More! See Full Agenda
Consultants and professionals
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Who is this program for?

  • Learn enough Python to work with data teams
  • Support clients with expanding data sets
  • Learn to translate business requirements into research questions
  • Connect business leaders with data scientists
  • Translate high level objectives into specific data questions
  • Help managers develop their data leadership skills
  • Help your team become more data-driven

Meet your Instructor

Wendy Yip
Wendy Yip

Multilingual Data Scientist with consulting, research, and applied machine learning experience

  • 10 years experience across many organizations including private equity, startups, fortune 500s, and consulting firms
  • Diverse experience across multiple verticals including finance, automotive, industrials, energy, and technology
  • Experienced instructor and researcher connecting business leaders and data scientists
Our Difference

What sets this course apart

Python is one of the world's most popular programming languages. It's used virtually everywhere. So learning just the right amount and at just the right time, can be quite tricky.

This course helps business professionals transition from Excel to Python, so whether you're familiar with programming or not, you'll learn just enough Python in the context of doing actual data analysis to pick up right where Excel leaves off.

Don't let the size of your data prevent you from gathering the insights you need. Upgrade your skills with just the right amount of Python.

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