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8+ Hours of self-paced training videos
40 high-value, learn-as-you-work lessons
Expert stories from the field & across industries
Research-backed curriculum designed to unlock your hidden talents
Immediately applicable Pro Tips & Tactics
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Master Tableau To Make Bigger & Better Data Decisions

Go beyond spreadsheets to get the most out of your team’s data. Win bigger clients. Tell better stories. Drive more profitable decisions.

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Why you should take this course

Tableau is the fastest growing data visualization software in the world. The best companies to work for already use it, and they regularly hire the people who can wield it like wizards.
But to become the office data mage, you'll need to learn not just the features and techniques, but the way to use the tool to shape the conversation everyone at the company is having. In this course you'll learn Tableau not just as pretty visuals but as an agent of change.
What You'll Learn
  • How to build trust fast with quick wins
  • Turning messy data into workable insights
  • Democratize data intelligence, from boardrooms to boots on the ground
  • Developing UIs from prototype to vital processes
  • Working around Tableau's weaknesses
  • Identifying critical topics ripe for delivering insights
  • Much More! See Full Agenda
Consultants and professionals
Optimized for You

Who is this program for?

  • Help clients prioritize their business questions
  • Support orgs in creating healthy data practices
  • Know what could go wrong with a project before it starts
  • Improve the "data hygiene" at your company
  • Set your colleagues up for success
  • Save the entire company time and money
  • Demonstrate raise-worthy data skills daily

Meet your Instructor

Gary Porter
Gary Porter

15+ years managing enterprise transformations at some of the world’s largest organizations, as a McKinsey consultant and as a Fortune 200 VP

  • Degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Business, and Law from MIT and Harvard
  • Clients span industries including retail, environmental services, manufacturing, finance, utilities, education, and professional services
  • Specialized expertise in helping leadership teams address core strategic issues
Our Difference

What sets this course apart

Expertise is no longer about what you know. It's about how you think. Most courses on Tableau focus on the "how to". This course goes beyond that by unpacking the "how to think" using the tool, and how changing the way you think will take you to the next level in your career.

In this course, you will hear from experts who have used Tableau to solve problems, earn trust, win contracts and promotions, and take their careers to new levels of credibility and compensation. You'll not only hear how they think when they sit down and open their laptops, but how they communicate, collaborate, and strategize to turn data into insight and insights into real value for their clients and their careers.

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